Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PakiPay Mobile Money Transfer

The basic objective of the system is to provide the service to transfer balance amount from any mobile network to other mobile network. For example the system will provide the service if a UFONE user wants to share his mobile balance to TELENOR number.
In simple words share mobile balance among cross networks.

Basic Idea:

Basic Idea

Process Flow:

There are 5 mobiles having connection of UFONE, TELENOR, JAZZ, ZONG and WARID attached to the server machine.

The following steps show the flow of process:

Step 1: User will send amount to server’s mobile. (Mobile that is attached to the server).
Step 2: After that he will send the destination mobile number.
Step 3: The received amount and destination mobile number is transfer from attached mobile to server.
Step 4: Sever will parse the message to find out how much amount has been received and, on which mobile network we have to transfer.
Step 5: Sever will automatically send amount to destination.
Step 6: Now the system will send the Acknowledgements on both side to sender and receiver.

Consider the case UFONE user want to share his mobile balance to telenor number.

Ufone user type the number, amount he wants to share and our ufone server's mobile number. Amount and number will received on UFONE mobile which is attached with server. Message is parse by the server to find out the destination number and amount to be transfer. Then server will find it is telenor number so the amount from telenor mobile will be send to the destination number. Now the message is send to the sender that we have transfer your amount to the desire number. And send acknowledgement to receiver that you have receive the amount from xyz.

Analysis of System:

Analysis of System

The system must be secure for amount transfer.

Still Waiting

Its been almost 8 years since I First thought of making PakiPay but till date, I am waiting for some one to actually run the company so that It can perform on it's on without me having to do it :)

Well If you know anyone who can do the job, Just ask them to contact me :)

Rehan Allahwala